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Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Birth date: 19-05-57

Myself, a meditative late afternoon
on the Mekong River at Kratie,
winter 2002, looking for black
dolphin backs in the golden sunset.



1986: minor in art history ( Aarhus University.1986-94: Arkitekstskolen in Aarhus, Department of the art of building E, Department of Industrial Design ID.1 semester at the Politecnico di Milano.1994: Final Project ” Optimization of demining in Cambodia ” . Including the 14-daystudy trip to Cambodia.

January / February 1994

First visit to Cambodia in preparation of my final project from the Aarhus School of Architecture, “Optimization of mine clearance in Cambodia.” Contact with various demining organizations. Video Documentation of mine.

Spring -95

3-month follow-up demining activities and more. in Cambodia. Deepening the knowledge of the country and various organizations: Caritas Cambodia, Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC), The Halo Trust, Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), COFRAS etc.

Autumn -95 to spring -97

Implementation of the project ‘Low-Tech Mine Demolition in Cambodia “funded by Danida through the Royal. Danish Ambasssade in Bangkok. With Caritas Cambodia as a local administrator, in cooperation with CMAC, Halo Trust, MAG. Product of ‘My Buster “based on my idea and my design. Building my own organization “Danish Demining & Development Associates / 3D ‘.

Summer -97

Termination of the project because of the unrest (civil war). Departure from Cambodia.

From -98

Shorter and longer stay in Cambodia. Observer for the parliamentary elections in July -98. Consultant to the Ministries of Tourism, Environment. Contact with several Cambodian organizations (NGOs), among others, CARE Cambodia, Cambodian Medical Services and Support Organization (CMSSO), Ratanakiri. Photo Assignments and articles including “Explore Cambodia – The Official Guide to Cambodia by the Ministry of Tourism Cambodia».


Cooperation with the Organisation for Renewable Energy (OVE), Århus. Feasibility studies for the project on. urban slums (‘urban squatters’) in Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Contacting local organizations (NGOs): Urban Poor Development Fund (UPDF), Urban Resource Centre (URC), the Urban Sector Group (USG), Solidarity for the Urban Poor Federation (supF), Community Sanitation And Recycling Organization (CSARO) and UNCHS (United Nations Cooperation for Homeless Settlements) and Phnom Penh city government (City Council).
Contact for HK’s International Committee, Århus. First investigations of project opportunities and local partners (Cambodian Labour Organization / CLO, Khemara, CCAWDU)

2001-02 :

Cooperation with the Danish International Human Settlement Service (DIB), Århus. Production of the film in Cambodia of the Danish Film Institute, Dfi / Video Workshop in Haderslev and Aarhus Film Workshop. 6-month shooting of the movie “Anger of the Spirits’ in Ratanakiri province in north-eastern Cambodia in cooperation with local organizations: CARE Cambodia, CMSSO, The Non Timber Forest Products Project (NTFP) and Others Addresses Tampuan-people and its attempts to adapt to globalization.


December 2002 – June 2003: research and photography to ” Voices of Khmer Rouge – a video memory – document ” in Cambodia in collaboration with Jan Krogsgård.
Supported by DDV / Video Workshop in Haderslev and Radio Denmark, Aarhus. Sponsor: Danish Metal.
12th ju l in 2003: married Channa Ly, Cambodia at City Hall.


September 2003: Events in the Images of Asia festival in Aarhus. Host of Chiv Try, Cambodian high school teacher and lectures on Danishschools with this. Cooperation with O3V (Information Center on the third world).

8th september 2003:” Anger of the Spirits ” is shown at the cinema East of Eden, Aarhus in the Images of Asia festival.

O ktober 2003:workshop activities for ” Operation Day ” at various Danish high schools. Presentation on ” Voices of Khmer Rouge ” .


Preparation and testing to pre-project and project with HK Aarhus ‘ International Committee regarding. training and organization of female textile workers in Cambodia., – establish media documentation center for information and training / education of tribal people in Ratanakiri province in collaboration with local organizations.- courier company in Cambodia in cooperation with Cambodian and Danish tour operator.- editing, translation and subtitling of ” Voices of Khmer Rouge ” in Phnom Penh, in collaboration with the local media organization Fit Media. Working withNAT Film Festival / cph: dox v / Kim Foss, Copenhagen. Supported by Aarhus Film Workshop and DDV / Video Workshop in Haderslev . Sponsors: CKU / DCCD, Danish Metal, FAF, Politiken Foundation, Danish Film Directors.

Other relevant work experience:

1998: People’s Center for Renewable Energy in Thy. Responsible for implementation of new projects in developing countries. Project experience in Romania and Uganda.



Trekking with rangers in Voensai National Park,Ratanakiri the 2000th

In recent years I have primarily been involved in humanitarian work for the Humaneity Foundation, a division of the international humanitarian organization Humaneity, with occasional jobs as an architect. After the completion of my own house here in Siem Reap I am now looking to become engaged in new architectural projects.