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Welcome to Thomas Weber Carlsen’s Cambodia!

This homepage is dedicated to my experiences in and with Cambodia in every way imaginable. Since early 1994, when I first came to visit this country which had by then just opened up to the outside world after decades of terror, war and suffering, so many things have been happening – and keep happening – as the process we call life revolves around me.

It all started with a land mine clearance project gone astray and has evolved into video making, photography, humanitarian projects, tourism, house building, family making, architecture and design, and eventually as a synthesis of all these and my Danish past a twenty eight thousand something word long manuscript called Third World Man: Out of Denmark, which I am now in the process of publishing. You may visit my writer’s blog here.

On top of everything and somehow organically just happening along the way, we have turned our house here in Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap, into a very exotic homestay accommodation where we are now receiving guests from near and far, people visiting Cambodia with an interest in sharing our way of life and hear our stories about this fascinating place we call home in the shade of Angkor Wat.